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Bandit Tracks

Yor a Daisy If You Do 2015 – Top 5

Mens’s 21                        Women’s 21                     Men’s 15                      Women’s 15

1 Destry                          1. Lightnin                   1. Wild Cat Willy               1. Lightnin

2.Seneca Lawman        2. Dame Quick           2. Snake Shooter              2. Dakota rose

3.Wild Cat Willy           3.Dakota rose             3.Lefty                                3. Schoolmarm Kate

4. Snake Shooter          4. Lil Diamond           4. Seneca Lawman           4. Sassy

5. Fossilman                  5. Sassy                          5. Dobbs                             5. Miss Lily


Youth 21                        Youth 15

1 White Wolf                 1. White Wolf

2. Mad Max                   2. Fast N Furious

3. Fast N Furious         3. Hanny Oakley

4. Shotgun Slade          4. Shotgun Slade

————————-      5. Mad Max

2014 Wisconsin State Championship

The Black River bandits hosted the “2014” Wisconsin CFDA State Championship July 18th, 19th & 20th.  There were 46 shooters.  The weekend started with a shoot out with Dangerous Dave and Big Roy from the Challenge Center of Superior. They were back for their fifth year and gave it their all.  Charity Champs were Marshal BK Gunner & Pistol Patty. The Bandits raised $573 for the Challenge Center of  Superior and $573 for Veterans Administration Transportation Fund.

Congratulations to Lefty who is the Wisconsin State Men’s Champion &  Sassy, the Wisconsin State Women’s Champion — grandfather & granddaughter who shoot with the Wisconsin Peacekeepers.